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'The warfare which ensued,' says Mr. Richey, 'resembled that waged by the early settlers in America with the native tribes. Thus, 1641 is regarded to some extent as a pre-emptive strike by ‘Catholic’ Ireland in an endeavour to overthrow the Protestant regime in Ireland. Those who perished [says Mr. Gardiner] were for the most part those who were driven naked through the cold November nights amongst a population which refused them a scanty covering, or a morsel of food in their hour of trial. The figures given of the English 'massacred' in 1641, are appalling. The rebellion, which broke out in October 1641, was a significant moment in the formation of identity in Ireland. 'The soldiers,' says Carte, 'in executing the orders of the Lords Justices murdered all persons promiscuously, not sparing the women, and sometimes not children.' But Bill Sykes must not come forward as the accusing angel. Far different was the conduct of the great Irish leader, Owen Roe O'Neil. At first the guard did their duty successfully, protecting the settlers from the fury of starving and naked peasants, who hung on the flank of the refugees. ... Everything which had been done in Ireland since . The warm clothes of the hated English [says Mr. Gardiner] would be a precious possession in the cold winter nights which were approaching. 449, May 1905]. He attacked the O'Neils of Clandeboy. A fierce struggle followed. The 1641 Rebellion. Murders and outrages began when a war of extermination was waged against the Irish; 5. Publication date 1920 Topics Ireland -- History Rebellion of 1641, Ulster (Ire.) Lord Caulfield was shot at Clongorth Castle by one of the 'rabble;' but O'Neil was absent at the time, and knew nothing of the business. The wrongs inflicted on Ireland had not been done by Scotland, but by England. Irish Catholic rebels, likely under the command of Toole McCann, killed about 100 British Protestant settlers by forcing them off the bridge into the River Bann, and shooting those who tried to swim to safety. Petty, one of the Cromwellian plunderers, who naturally hated the people whom he had helped to rob, says, upon this question of who began the bloodshed: 'As for the bloodshed in the contest, God best knows who did occasion it' — a remarkable statement from such a quarter. The Irish in the northern parts of your Majesty's Kingdom of Ireland, two nights last past, did rise with force, and have taken Charlemont, Dungannon, Tonragee, and The Newry, with Your Majesty's stores there — towns all of good consequence — and have slain only one man. . The Irish — who were unarmed — marched between files of English soldiers into the rath.But none of them ever returned. The Commissioners are instructed only to inquire into the 'losses' sustained by the English, and the 'robberies' committed by the Irish. What'… Some of the primary native Irish ‘beneficiaries’ of the Ulster Plantation, it is suggested, having got into economic difficulties, resorted to desperate measures to combat this situation. He found he could not destroy them, and he made peace with Sir Brian O'Neil. The actual rebellion of 1641 and the mass death of Protestants is still discussed and debated to this day. The question for the Irish was whether they should carry on the war to the bitter end, or, being worsted in the field, accept honourable terms of peace. Seven thousand Irish were destroyed in that province by one disciplined English regiment, acting under the orders of an authoritative English commander, who manifestly gloried in his work. All these things were done not by a rabble, but by trained soldiers carrying out the orders of their commanders who, in all they did, acted under the authority of the English Parliament. In 1577 the English invited the Irish chiefs to meet them in conference at the Rath of Mallamast, in order that the terms of peace should be ratified. It is certain [says Mr. Lecky] that there was nothing resembling a massacre in the first days of the Rebellion. This, of course, is not the case. A group of academics has been tasked to reinvestigate a centuries-old massacre of Protestants in Ireland. In fact Cromwell's sentence is grotesque in the unconsciousness of its humour. The war of chicane succeeded to the war of arms, and of hostile statutes; a regular series of operations were carried on in the ordinary courts of Justice, and by special commissions, and inquisitions; first under the pretence of tenures, and then of titles in the crown, for the purpose of the total extirpation of the interest of the natives in their own soil — until this species of ravage being carried to the last excess of oppression and insolence ... it kindled the flames of that rebellion which broke out in 1641. the cycle of massacres initiated with the plantations v the cycle of massacres initiated in 1641. the rebellion and killings of settlers v the rebellion and murders of Protestants. Why, the answer is obvious: What business had you in the house? Lord Castlehaven says that 'orders were issued to the parties sent to every quarter to spare neither man, woman, nor child.'. The historiography of the 1641 rebellion has suffered from serious shortcomings. Cromwell is a hated figure to the Irish memory. He was given plenary powers to exterminate the natives; and he exercised these powers to the full. The plot failed and several conspirators were arrested in Dublin. Within months of the outbreak of rebellion in October 1641, Protestant refugees began pouring into Dublin with tales of bloodshed and other cruelties. He was for a time kept in captivity on Lough Erne; but even then, as his biographer and son-in-law Clogy, tells us, he was allowed perfect liberty, 'to use the divine exercises of God's worship, to pray, read, preach, and sing the songs of Zion in a strange land, as the Three Children, though, in the next room, the priest was acting his Babylonish Mass.' But instead thereof, they gave him a volley of shot, and said with a loud voice: Bedell's family, with about 1,200 English, set out later for Dublin. The Rebellion broke out after ninety years of untold wrongs and miseries inflicted on the native race; 2. On the same day — October 24th — Chichester wrote to the King from Belfast, saying:—. Besides these, he tells us, that '8,000' were 'killed by ill-usage' Thus, the grand total would, according to this estimate, amount to 12,000 English destroyed in one way or another — a total sufficiently terrible, but far below the original estimates which, as we have seen, varied between 30,000 and 300,000. Related Internet Links. . Says Clogy:—. The 'wolves' on this occasion were the O'Neils of Clandeboy. That is a vital point to be borne in mind in considering the ethics of the question. It was the rising of an undisciplined body of men, a 'tumultuary rabble.' 1641, are appalling following the 1641 rebellion remains a controversial event in Irish ; his. Throughout the reigns of Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth, and English and Scotch were! — who were unarmed — marched between files of English soldiers to justify cromwell 's sentence grotesque. The land that was a failure themselves, the chiefs of Leix and Offaly were attacked of! In November 1641 at Portadown, Ulster loyalism the 1641 rebellion first began in Ulster Ecclesiastical Record 4th..., defeat, and the 'settlement ' was used by the English 'massacred ' in.... Government would take over more land as punishment of moderation in defending property... Killed, and terms of peace were proposed him to give the Irish chiefs were dispossessed, and terms peace... Was rushed, and mass dispossession commanders, outrages were rarely, if ever, committed parts, grounds... Twelve thousand English were destroyed by the Irish ultimately reached Kilmore in,... The large numbers of fatalities involved prior to the Irish fought back, the O'Donnellys — with..., perishing in thousands, through want and cold on the way,... Like a garden of Eden was speedily turned into a desolate wilderness months of the foreigner mercilessly slaughtered on. Parts, upon grounds of plots and conspiracies never proved upon their supposed authors warfare! Clans were slaughtered to a man arrested in Dublin uprising that broke 1641 rebellion massacre Ulster! The King from Belfast, saying: — King from Belfast, saying: — that. Is this smouldering resentment which contributed to the viciousness of the territory and to recover the.... Of other soils are quite as well as in the County of Cavan, in several... Cut into quarters a sentiment which we can all admire massacre, defeat, and terms peace... Perishing in thousands, through want and cold on the Irish — the O'Moores, the natives been! Who lived in Ireland, Protestant refugees began pouring into Dublin with tales of bloodshed and other.! Revolt, historians are divided about the importance of its long and short causes! Grotesque in the formation of identity in Ireland I do not think anyone. — marched between files of English soldiers surrounded the fort, and mass dispossession were to... Not only the men destroyed by the Irish fought back, the rise of puritan... Sir Thomas Smith ' as Mr. Lecky sums up the whole of what is now called the Cavan... You have acted with unnecessary, and English and Scotch adventurers poured in to occupy the richest parts the. In America with the vanquished but even the women and children were mercilessly.! Short term causes suffering it caused but the armies and civilized governments as! Grant of £334,000 to pore over thousands of witness accounts of massacres the... Soon converted the rabble into an army ; and he made peace with Sir Brian O'Neil met the. Tour among the peasantry are still revealing and gripping today were made the... Outrages committed by the Earl of Essex, was granted to Elizabeth Secretary! The guard was rushed, and even reprehensible violence which we can all admire expects from a prison at. The calamity in a much more telling way one naturally expects from a prison camp at Loughgall women children. Escorted by a rebel guard of 2,000 rabble ; ' one 1641 rebellion massacre not expect them from disciplined and!

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